William Lee Bolton (1890 – 1915)

In 1860 cotton Spinner, William Lee (1824-1899)and his wife Maria Sharrock, had a son William Lee (1860-1942) he was a member of the Lee Family of Watch and Clock makers in the town.

William is recorded as a watch and clock maker, in March 1890 he conducted repairs and improvements to the Emanuel Church Cannon Street, where he was based at number 1.

Cannon Street

In 1900 William also repaired the clock at Deane Parish Church, a plate affixed states….

This Clock was re-arranged and restored by William Lee of Bolton in the year 1900AD being the 62nd year of Her Majesty Queen Victoria’s Reign.

In later years his business expanded into Number 3 Cannon St as well.

Advertisement for William Lee dated 1914.

A 12″ Dial clock by William Lee of Cannon Street Bolton.

In 1880 William had a son, Thomas Henry Lee (1901-1939), who followed him into the trade and became a watchmaker in his own right.

William had further sons that embarked into the world of watch and Clock making.

In 1883 William Lee (1860-1942) had a son Ernest Lee (1883-1960) an apprentice watch maker.

In 1897 William Lee (1860-1942) had a son Albert Lee (1897) an apprentice watch maker.

In 1892 William Lee (1860-1942) had a son William Lee (1892-1974) also an apprentice watch maker.

By 1911 William Lee (1860-1942) was running his own Jewellers Shop.