Jobs and Roles

Clock Dresser

Clock Repairer:

Watch and clock repairers clean, service, repair and sometimes restore watches and clocks and, if they work in a shop, may also sell them.

Clock Maker

Clock Winder:

A clockwinder did exactly what the name insinuates — wind clocks. It was only a matter of time before electric clockwinders, which required less maintenance and fewer repairs, were produced during the Industrial Revolution. 



Someone who sells and markets clocks, often commercial brands but sometimes as own branded product, versions of commercial products or commissions from other makers.


a generic worker in jewellery, who may also provide some watch and clock respire facilities as well as retailing commercial timekeeping products.

Watch Maker:

Watch Cap Maker: made the internal movement cover of a watch.

Watch Case Joint Finisher: assembled the components of pocket watch cases.

Watch Dial Enameller: enamelled the watch face white and the numbers in black enamel.

Watch Dial Painter: used a very fine brush to paint numbers on the watch face.

Watch Engine Turner: engraved patterns on the backs of watchcases.

Watch Examiner: finished the watch by fitting the hands, regulating the watch.

Watch Finisher: put together the various parts of the watch.(did not make the parts)

Watch Fusee Cutter: cut gearing on the fusee wheel which was used in spring-powered clocks and watches to solve the problem of slowing down as the mainspring unwound.

Watch Guilder: gilded the individual parts of the movement to prevent corrosion.

Watch Jeweller: inserted the jewels into the watch mechanism to help reduce friction.

Watch Motion Worker: assembled the mechanism under the dial.

Watch Movement Maker: assembled the various parts of the movement.

Watch Pendant Maker: produced the knob and loop at the top of the Watch onto which the chain was attached.

Watch Pinion Maker: made Pinion gears for use in watch escapements.

Watch Finisher

Watch Hand Maker

Watch Case Maker

Watch Jeweller

Watch Jewel Maker

Watch Dial Maker

Watch Dial Cutter

Watch Dial Sinker

Watch Polisher

Watch Trimmer

Watch Jobber

Watch Keyless Maker

Watch Guilder

Watch Examiner

Watch Index Maker

Watch Lever Roller

Watch Jewel Hole Maker

Watch Guilder

Watch Tool Maker

Watch Case Springer

Watch Movement Maker

Watch Pattern Maker

Watch Pendant Maker

Watch Pallet Maker

Watch Motioner

Watch Motion Maker

Watch Escapement Maker

Watch Dial Painter

Watch Wheel Cutter

Watch Pin Maker

Watch Maker

Watch Cap Maker

Watch Fusee Maker

Watch Balance Maker

Watch Case Engraver