William Agar (& Co) of Bolton (1857 – 1861)

William Agar & Co of Bolton (1857 – 1861) 

William was an established clock maker in Bury and he was the father of John Agar,

Born in Bury 22nd July 1823, he moved to Bolton at 84 Deansgate, Bolton (trading  in Bolton 1857-61) the ‘& Co.’ was said to be from when his mum Mary Agar an established Clockmaker in her own right, joined him in the business, and she died in 1864.

By 1866 he had returned to his home town of Bury, presumably to join the family company there.

He died in 31st Dec 1874.

A turret timepiece movement by William Agar of Bury, dated 1866 with iron A-frame plates, maintaining power and deadbeat escapement. It is signed on the subsidiary brass setting dial.