John Agar (1853 – 1915)

Son of Bury’s William Agar, he was born 10th March 1853, in Gas St. Elton, Bury he comes from a family of clockmakers based in Bolton St, Bury.

He came to Great Bolton, listed in 86 Deansgate as in 1861 and returned to Bury by 1871.

He was later trading at 100 Bradshawgate, Great Bolton in 1891 and was still there in 1895.

A large number of Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway clocks and pocket watches are traced to John and his son.

He moved to 26 Green St, Little Bolton, as a Licensed Victualer and was listed there in 1901, His son John followed him into watchmaking He died 8th August 1915.

A Mahogany cased Fusee Wall Clock (Circa 1850)
12″ Enamel dial with maker’s name, John Agar of Bolton.
Brass Bezzel and slim mahogany surround.
8 day chain driven single fusee movement.
Shaped base mounting to the wall an earlier feature.