John Royle – (1736 – 1760)

John Royle was a Watch and Clockmaker listed in Great Bolton in the 1700’s. He is listed by 1736 as taking on apprentices, including Samuel Lomas. John Royle was listed by Baillie.

John made fine quality movements that maintained good time, had more complex movements, and often had common design features on the hands and the dials, including the squared chamfer to the date aperture and the position of the signature on the chapter ring.

A small number of his clocks survive.

A late 1730’s, John Royle, Bolton, 8 day Longcase clock, with Brass face complete with, day date and Penny moon-phase.

Interesting that this particular clock had an engraving error on the chapter ring, the L was missed from Royle, one can only imagine the frustration as it was then ‘added in’.

John Royle was buried in St Peter’s, Bolton’s Parish Church on the 4th Aug 1738.