John Johnson Berrington (1814-1851)

John Berrington was born in 1811 at Windle, St. Helen’s Lancashire, and married his wife Margaret Lightfoot who was from Bolton. They lived in Deansgate Bolton, close to the home of James.

The cousin of James Berrington, also a silversmith and watchmaker in Bolton.

John was listed as a Silversmith and Watchmaker at No. 151 Deansgate 1814 – 1825 and at No. 123 Deansgate in 1843-1851

Following James death in 1841, it’s likely that John also continued James’ business in Bradshawgate until 1851.

A 19th Century English verge in silver pair cases, hallmarked 1832.  Full plate fusee movement with round pillars.  Pierced and engraved round cock, steel regulator on top plate below the plain three arm steel balance, signed Berrington Bolton. White enamel dial with Roman numerals, gilt hands. Matching silver pair cases, silver oval pendant and bow, maker’s mark “JH”, watchpaper from a Bolton retailer.