James Berrington (1816-1841)

James Berrington of Bolton-le-Moors, Watchmaker, was born in Rainford in 1782. His wife Martha Birchall who he married in Prescott, died in Bolton 17th of May 1807.

He was a relative of John Johnson Berrington, probably his cousin, and at one time sequentially used the same shop on Deansgate.

James’ known trading dates start in 1816 and commence at his shop in Bradshawgate where he was listed until 1851. He also had a presence in 123 Deansgate between 1836 and 1841.

In 1841 he was listed as living in Ridgewaygates with fellow watchmakers Edward Abel, Samuel Bamber and Robert Norman.

He died in Bolton on 7th July 1843, and so it’s likely that John continued his business in Bradshawgate until 1851.

The watchmakers art: