Charles Pinder (1861-1901)

Charles Pinder of Driffield was a watchmaker in Little Bolton, he married his wife Mary Jane Wynne in Everton Liverpool in 1868.

Described variously as a Jobbing Watchmaker, Watchmaker, or Jeweller there are no known examples of his work.

He lodged at 74 Clarence Street in 1861, and lived at 31 John Brown Street in 1871, and 44 Bark Street Bolton for the remainder of his life.

In 1898 Charles was involved with the sale/purchase of a property at Great Driffield comprising a dwelling house and two shops in Middle St Driffield.

His Son Charles Owen followed him as a Watchmaker, and is listed working with him from home in 1891.

His Son Edward Stanley aka Walter Pinder also followed him into Watchmaking in 1901

His Son Walter Stanley also worked as a watch maker in 1901

He died in 18th January 1914