William Henry Proffit (1891-1921)

Watchmaker born in 1869, lived at 157 Blackburn Road as a child, the son of Peter Proffitt.

In 1891 Henry Proffitt had been committed for trial at Bolton, for sixteen cases of watch robbery committed under ex- traordinary circumstances. Watches to the value of £50 were given him to repair, and he is alleged to have hired several persons to pawn them for him, afterwards ab- sconding with the proceeds to Liverpool.

Aged 22 he was convicted of stealing a watch belonging to James Greenhalgh on 9th Feb 1891, and a watch belonging to Thomas Morris in 15th Dec 1890, Tried 30th July 1891, pled guilty to both and received 6 months hard labour for each watch, to run concurrently. 12th June 1891, further as a prisoner at Liverpool Prison he was convicted of embezzling 2s6d, 1s, and 9d, he received 14 Days hard labour.

In 1892 he was living at 186 Clarence Street, as a Watchmaker and Jeweller, when he married Emma Greenhalgh on 2 Nov 1892

He ultimately moved to Fazakerly Liverpool where he worked in Watch Repair and Jewellery living at 200 Rice lane.

He died 5th March 1921 aged 51, and is Buried in Kirkdale Cemetery.

An ebonised wall timepiece, J H Proffitt, Bolton, circa 1880, 16-inch dial with Roman numerals, A-frame single fusee movement, anchor escapement, 55cm high.