William Henry Johnson (1869-1875)

William Henry Johnson was a Watchmaker and Watch Jobber who was born in Coventry during 1829. By 1851 he is listed as a lodger in Liverpool with Watchmker Thomas Bates.

William returned to Coventry to Marry his wife Julia Caden in 1851.

His wife Julia died in Coventry in 1853, and William moved to Macclesfield and married Mary Ashton. They moved to Bolton and lived in Poole Street, in Little Bolton, where they had their daughters Mary Letitia, Sarah Ellen, and Elizabeth Ann, as their family grew, and eventually they moved home to 5 Shuttle Street where they are listed as living in 1871.

By 1875 they were living in Leeds, and William Henry Johnson died on 15th July 1879.

A fusee movement by William Johnson of Liverpool, this could possibly have been the time that William Henry Johnson was residing there.