Thomas Kirkhall (1637)

Thomas Kirkhall (or Kirkall) of Bolton-le-Moors, born in 1601, and married his wife Ann Bonfourne in 1625.

Thomas produced a fine turret clock for the Parish Church in Brindle in 1637. It is quite remarkable to consider that Huygens’ first version of the pendulum was invented toward the end of 1656!

The clock was later described as being:

“a very old, plain looking and eccentrically-made clock. As much money has been spent upon repairing it as would have bought a new one; but there is a passion for old things in Brindle, and the clock is looked up to with a species of traditional reverence. At one time it kept time most sinful; but latterly it has got into more regular habits, and, considering its antiquity and the rudeness of its mechanism, it now goes with considerable regularity. “ (Atticus 1857)

The clock has a small brass setting dial inscribed:

‘Thomas Kirkhall of Boulton in ye Moores in the yeare 1637’

The clock was removed in 1967 and loaned to Liverpool City Museums. This clock is still in the care of Liverpool Museum.

The Thomas Kirkall clock from Brindle Church as storied in Liverpool museum, and is described as wood framed clock with kick start strike.

With thanks to Brindle St. James Church, and the kind people there who assisted me with research etc.