Thomas Bridge (1717-1745)

Another Thomas Bridge, believed to be the son of Thomas Bridge was admitted to Wigan in 1717, and worked in Standishgate.

The petition read: The Humble Petition of Thomas Bridge, Clockmaker. Sheweth that your Petitioner is a young unmarryed man and hath served a lawful Apprenticeship to his said calling and is now a master thereat and very seidome makes any Clocks but those that goes for the space of ten dayes at one winding upp, and having information that there is a great want in this Corporation of a good ingenious workeman . . . and being desirous to supply the said want and serve the Towne to the utmost of his power. Therefore your Petitioner, etc.,

Bridge employed a workman named Thomas Walker and with him made extensive repairs to the Wigan Church Clock in 1718.

The last time Bridge was employed to restore the Church Clock was early in 1733, when he was paid £1. 2s. 6d. “for cleaning & putting new springs & Jacks & Hammers & quarters ” to it.

His clocks are marked Thos. (or) Thomas Bridge, Wigan, or Bridge de Wigan, and are often found in exceptionally fine cases.Bridge is also recorded as being a “ maker of astronomical instruments ”

There is no record of Thomas after 1745….

An early face of a Thomas Bridge Clock, having the stylistic cues of clock by Bridge of London, and Bridge of Wigan, maybe linking these makers?