T. Fattorini Bolton & Skipton (1903 – 1936)

Antonio Fattorini (1797 – 1860) opened a jewellery store in Leeds Bazar Central Market in 1829. Over time, and subsequent generations, the firm expanded to include the towns of Skipton Harrogate and Bradford. The Skipton branch was opened by Innocent Fattorini in 1848, although his father is said to have been active there since 1827.

Innocent died and his widow carried on the business until his son could take over and Thomas Fattorini renamed and branded the business as “Thomas Fattorini (Founded 1827)”

In 1903 Thomas Fattorini opened the Bolton Branch, at number 5 Knowsley Street, and transformed it into a Limited Company in 1919 branded as “Thomas Fattorini (Lancashire) Ltd”, based at 19 Knowsley Street, while the Skipton branch was branded “Thomas Fattorini (Skipton) Ltd”.

A 1920’s Sapphire and Diamond watch from Thomas Fattorini Bolton

Mail Order retailing was founded in Britain by both Thomas Fattorini in Skipton and the separate family business Fattorini & Sons in Bradford. The mail order branch of the company became Grattan and Empire Stores.

T. Fattorini in Bolton was located at numbers 5 and at number 19 Knowsley Street where Thomas had lived along with his son Lieutenant Thomas Fattorini who would be killed on 13th August 1918 flying a plane in WW1 aged 19.

Thomas Fattorini died in 1934 and left his companies to his sons Frank and Wilfred, but Frank retired on 31st March 1936, and the Bolton branch closed, the company being transferred to Skipton.

T. Fattorini watches are often American Waltham watches branded to the company, although some Swiss Movements were also used.

A silver T. Fattorini, Bolton & Skipton, Waltham watch.

T. Fattorini pocket watch, Bolton & Skipton. Hallmarked Manchester 1907. The trafalgar english lever. Silver Albert chain, hallmarked Manchester 1905, with fob by T. Fattorini, hallmarked Birmingham 1922 with red/yellow gold gilded cartouche.