Stanley Atherton (1960 – 2018)

Stanley Atherton was born in Bolton in 1936, he was a Watchmaker and a Clockmaker, as well as a trained Gemologist.

Stanley started his training as an apprentice in Lanzetter’s Jewellers in Great Moor Street Bolton. Following this he moved to work in Preston’s in the early 1960’s.

In 1965 he opened his own shop own Lee Lane Horwich, and then later moved to Winter Hey Lane, in 1978 – 1979.

He closed his shop in 1995, and then concentrated on restoring antique watches and clocks from his home near Chorley, up until shortly before his death.

Using his pre WW1 German watchmaking equipment to repair or make the replacement parts, he concentrated on restoring pocket watches, which were his preference, he also worked on restoring Longcase Clocks, and as well as restoring the movement he would also French Polish the cases.

Whilst never producing Watches or Clocks in his own name, the jewellery, that he made from time to time, was made in his name.

He died in 2018 aged 81 years.

(Information from Alex James)