Samuel Hesketh (1849 – 1861)

(Samuel Hesketh 1852-1913 also directs here)

Samuel Hesketh from Shropshire, was living in Great Moor Street by 1849 and he was working as a Watchmaker.

The he had a daughter Elizabeth in 1849 and then later he had a Son, also called Samuel Hesketh in 1852 who also followed his fathers trade and became a watchmaker, but Samuel (Jnr.) had moved to Preston by 1870 where he married and worked until he retired. He also had a daughter in Preston that he named Elizabeth.

Samuel was working at 23 Newport Street in 1853

Samuel (Jnr.) had retired to Fullwood near Preston by 1891 and died in 1913.

There are no known examples of either makers work.

Clock winding key by Samuel Hesketh