Richard William Greenhalgh (1929 – 1930)

Richard William Greenhalgh was a Watchmaker and Jeweller based at 314 Blackburn Road, Bolton.

Born the son of a cotton worker on 28th April 1905, he married Jessie Pilling a photographer in 1929 at St Barnabas Church. In 1930 their son John was born on 23rd March, and he was baptised at St Paul’s Astley Bridge. He was living at the time at 314 Blackburn Road and was listed as a Watchmaker.

The shop at 314 Blackburn Road, with, maybe, Richard William Greenhalgh in the doorway….

By 1939 he was listed as a Watch Clock & Jewellery Repairer at 314 Blackburn Road, Bolton.

Richard William Greenhalgh died on May 1st 1980.