Joshua Sisson, Bolton (1861-1880)

Joshua Sissons Watch manufacturer Silversmith and Jeweller, worked with William Isherwood at number 41 Newport Street, before opening up his own shop at number 126 Bradshawgate, where he was listed as trading in 1873-1876.

In February 1879, Joshua Sisson was facing bankruptcy proceedings, and listed as being at Deansgate Bolton.

Joshua Sisson, had absconded and had two warrants out for his arrest in 1880 for feloniously putting off two forged Bills of Exchange, (a Promissory Note) for thirty one pounds and ten shillings (£31.50) on April 12th and 26th May 1880. the Police Gazette article says he formally kept a Jewellers, and it is unclear when he left the shop.

Sisson was described as about 37 years of age, 5’5″ to 5’6″ tall, medium build with a sallow complexion, light brown hair, light coloured whiskers and beard and supposed moustache. dressed in black cloth coat, and vest, moisture trousers, and black hard billycock hat (Bowler Hat).

A wall clock by Sisson Bolton.