John Robert Ashall (1868-1875)

John Robert Ashall, was a watchmaker from Hayes Court in Bolton. He had a sons Charles and Robert, and a wife Elizabeth, he doesn’t seem to be directly linked to the other Ashall’s but could be linked to the wider Prescott based family.

Living at Hayes Court off Bradshawgate, the family home backed onto the railway which had opened 20 years earlier.

In 1871 he was living around the corner at No. 2 Union Buildings.

Heyes Court (named after Landlord Nicholas Heyes) was just off Bradshawgate, and home to the Ashall Family when Charles was born.

His son was privately Baptized at Holy Trinity Church in 1868.

Born in 1848, John Robert Ashall died in 1875 aged only 27 years.

There are no known examples of his work.