James Walsh

James Walsh was born just before the turn of the century in the late 1880’s (1889) and opened his shop in Bradshawgate. He was a Silversmith and Jeweller his store lasted into recent years, while he isn’t known to have made his own watches he is responsible for a number of branded wrist and pocket watches made in his name.

Walsh’s watches often had Swiss movements and high quality cases.

A (circa 1905-1920) filled Gold Full Hunter pocket watch by James Walsh, Originally belonging to Frank Druker with an enamelled face with subsidiary Seconds, and a Swiss Movement. Case by Dennison was of their MOON Specification. In this instance MOON means filled gold a layer of gold fixed the the base metal, and far more substantial than gold plate or rolled gold with which its often confused. 

(Picture Courtesy of J Lever)

A Gold plated Swiss made Wrist watch by James Walsh with 17 jewel movement, circular silvered dial Arabic numerals, subsidiary seconds dial, leather strap