James Preston 1869 -1905

James J. J. Preston & Co, Silversmith, Watchmaker and Jeweller was founded by the Master Goldsmith James Preston in 1869.

His store ultimately evolved into Prestons Of Bolton.

Starting off in the shop at 36 Bradshawgate, Preston’s moved into purpose built premises on the corner of Deansgate and Bank St in 1905, the year of his death, and the transfer of the business to his niece, Gertrude Duckworth.

A Rare English Solid Silver chain driven fusee lever Pocket watch – Signed J. Preston & Co of Bolton 36 BRADSHAW GATE – BOLTON – LANCASHIRE Established 20 years ! Also on the Dial and movement is a Trade mark with a lovely engraving of a pocket watch and a Barrel (Tun) on the balance cock, and also fired onto the dial. The non original case is dated “1898” but clearly the watch is by Preston from from the original shop on Bradshawgate.

The clock in its replacement case.

Preston’s trade mark “The Pres” with a ’Tun’ (a large barrel) was obviously a play on words by the young James Preston it was accompanied by a pocket watch shown on the barrel.

The original shop at 36 Bradshawgate.