James McClatchy (1892-1901)

John E McClatchy brought his family over from County Down Northern Ireland in 1851, his longest son James, born on 11th January 1836, was a Handloom Weaver, in Blackburn Street, (Later Deane Road).

By 1861 he was living in Bark Street Little Bolton, still as a weaver.

By 1871 he moved to Mill Hill, and was a lamplighter living at 14 Bury Street, and in 1881 he was at 20 Barlow Street weaving again, probably at the local Mount Pleasant Mill.

By his daughter Betsy’s wedding in 1892 he had taken on the role of Watchmaker, and by his Son Thomas’ Wedding in 1889, Clockmaker. In the 1901 Census he was listed as working from home on Clock and Watch repair.

It’s doubtful he ever made a full watch or clock, but may have been a jobber or, just a repairer.

James Died on 1st August 1903, and is buried in the Tonge Cemetery.