J. Callcott

Nothing is yet known of J. Callcott, except for his clock an 8 day oak cased cottage clock with painted dial, and chime bell.

Circa. 1830 8 Day cottage style Longcase Clock by James Callcott of Bolton.

Whilst it may be possible that J. Callcott is an unrecorded Bolton Maker, it is more likely that he is John Callcott part of the Cheshire Calcott family of watchmakers from Cotton.

The complex script used on their painted faced clocks is easy to miss read especially when worn, and some clocks have been described at Bolton when it should be Cotton?

There is no mention yet found of a Calcott Bolton, clock or watchmaker in the town records, Census, and other records except in advertised clocks.

A Callcott of Cotton clock face..

A worn face described as Callcott of Bolton.

Brass Faced Clocks are obviously clearer as they don’t wear the same, and I have been unable to locate a brass faced J. Calcott of Bolton Clock…

So the question is Bolton or Cotton?

I am still researching J Callcott of Bolton, so this is not definitive, but it is my best guess so far…. (to be updated as more info is found.)