Henry Lee (1828-1889)

Watchmaker Henry Lee (1828-1899) the son of Henry Lee (1802-1870) married his wife Mary Greenhalgh in 1853, and then moved to Burslem Staffordshire by 1861, where booth he and Mary lived the remainder of their lives.

The marriage was the same year that Henry Lee & Son was formed, with son-in-law John Waring as a case maker, and confusingly Henry’s grandson Henry Lee (1852), as a watchmaker, finisher. 

It is unknown if there was a family disagreement, but this seems to be the last involvement that Henry’s son had with the family firm, but Henry’s Grandson would eventually take over the business interests of Henry Lee & Son.

On June 7th, 1872 during the ministry of Rev. J. C. Watts, Henry Lee was appointed a trustee of the Bethel Church and Sunday school in Burslem.

An early 20th century oak banjo barometer thermometer, ceramic scale, Henry Lee Burslem.