Fredrick William Hunt (1870-1900)

Son of the watch maker Fredrick Augustus Hunt, he was born 12th March 1871, and followed his father’s trade as a Watchmaker.

He lived in Deane, and married his wife Sarah Kay in 1897, at St Matthew Little Lever.

He was also Baptised Conditionally in 1897, possibly because there is doubt as to the validity of the first baptism, the person is baptised conditionally. If the first baptism was valid, the second one is not valid. While it is done in many cases when someone converts from another religion, it is not automatically done. 

By 1898 he was at 55 Church Street Little Lever, and 1900 175 Egerton Street Farnworth, where he was listed as a Watch Jobber.

His two sons William Edward Kay Hunt and Thomas Seymour Hunt, don’t appear to have followed his trade.

There are no known examples of his work.