Frank Lumly (1901-1919)

Frank Lumby was a Watchmaker from the Lumby family of watchmakers in Liverpool.

His Father William was a Watchmaker (Finisher), and in 1871 Frank was employed as the same Watchmaker (Finisher), responsible for assembly engraving and getting a watch to function prior to inspection.

In 1887 Frank sadly lost his wife Emily Jane, and Frank remained in Liverpool until at least 1894, his daughter Emily Jane married in 1899.

By 1901, Frank was living at Hartley Street in Little Bolton as a Watchmaker (Repairer).

Frank Lumly, whilst living at Hartley Street was summoned for travelling without a rail ticket, and claiming a refund, not his first conviction, and he was fined the maximum amour off 40 shillings (£2) plus costs.

In 1911 he was living in 1 Broom Street, Little Bolton, again as a Watchmaker (Repairer), and died in 1919.