Eli Spencer of Bolton (1824 -1861)

Eli Spencer was a Bolton born Clockmaker, Watchmaker and Engraver who followed many makers operating from Deansgate over the years.

He was born on 18 April 1804,

His shop was at 189b Deansgate during 1824 – 1829, and by 1834 he was living and operating out of Chancery Lane Bolton where he remained until 1843.

In his later years Eli moved to Liverpool where he continued his Clock and Watchmaking.

A 50mm Silver Pair case pocket watch by Eli Spencer of Bolton, this watch is likely from the earlier part of his work circa 1824. The silver Pair case is sadly missing, but this is a rare example of Eli’s work when he was based in Bolton.

A quality movement with a diamond endstone, and a “stopwatch” facility usually found on what are commonly know as “doctor’s watches”

The cock is marked ‘detached’ but not ‘patent’ as it was not made under a formal patent. A Lever escapement is a “detached” escapement, which allows the balance wheel to swing totally free of the escapement throughout the most of its oscillation, until it gives a short impulse, which improves timekeeping accuracy. (Photo Courtesy of Jon Coats)