Alfred Hodkinson (1889-1892)

Alfred Hodkinson was born in Westhoughton, near Bolton in December 1854.

He married Margaret Ann Fielding, from Harwood, Bolton, in 1875, initially living in 9 Windley Street, Little Bolton, at that time Alfred was an Engine Driver at a Cotton Mill.

There they raised a family and by the birth of his Daughter Margaret in 1889 he was listed as being a Watchmaker.

By 1891 he and his family lived in his own watchmakers shop at 186 Folds Road, Little Bolton, where he worked alone in 1891.

A horse and cart outside 184 Folds Road, Little Bolton.

However, Alfred Hodkinson Jeweller of 186 Folds Road died on 30th November 1892, leaving his effects to his widow Margaret Ann.

There are no known examples of his work.