Thomas Tyson of Bolton – (1848-1861)

Thomas Tyson (son of Edward) was a Watchmaker who worked from Derby St in 1848 and both 24 (1855) and 75 (1861) Weston Street in Great Bolton.

On February 22nd in 1861 the Police Gazette noted:

Stolen, from the shop of Mr. Thomas Tyson, a clock and watch maker, of No. 75, Weston Street, Great Bolton, a silver lever Watch, maker’s name William Lord, Liverpool, No. 837 ; a ditto, makers’ names Bunyan and Gardner, Manchester, No. 1094. £2 reward will be paid to any person or persons who will give such information as will lead to the apprehension and conviction of the offender or offenders, and the recovery of the watches, on application to Mr. James Harris, Superintendent of the Borough Police, Bolton, Lancashire.

A similar watch to the type stolen from Thomas Tyson.