Michael Walker – (1805 – 1824)

Michael Walker is listed as a clock and Watchmaker training from Deansgate in 1805 to 1815 and trading from Bradshawgate during 1820 to 1824 where he was listed at No 132. he seems to have preferred painted dial clocks.

M. Walker Bolton inlaid mahogany longwise clock, with a hand painted face depicting Admiral Nelson’s memorial and moon dial with man-o-war and landscape. Retailed by Walter Carter, Harrods Ltd., Manchester*.

*Harrods Manchester was the Kendal Milne & Company that was purchased in 1919 by Harrods London, but in the 1920’s Manchester would rebel against the Harrods name and following protests from customers and staff, it would soon revert to its original title of Kendal Milne. Walter Carter Ltd was a further Manchester acquisition by Harrods during 1920.

Trade Sticker from Walter Carter Harrods Ltd.