John Tritschler – (1847 – 1872)

Born in Baden Baden Germany John was the uncle of John Brickley who lived with him at his shop in Bradshawgate.

John started in partnership with a Commercial traveller Ferdinand Ruff, then set out on his own in 1847. (see Ruff & Tritschler)

By 1871 he was living in No.3 Hales Court, and he died in October 1872 with effects of under £100. John is buried in Bolton’s Tonge Cemetery, Bolton

Listed as both a Clock and a Watch Maker.

John Tritschler is sometimes mis-named as ‘Tritchler’ or ‘Tratchler’.

A verge pocket watch movement by John Tritschler

A wall clock by John Tritschler of Bolton

A splendid 8 Day long-case clock by Tritschler with a striking bell, shows that John was capable of producing both high quality clocks and watches. The day date movement is typical of those produced at the time, and holds many similarities such as the falseplate, with others also made in the town.

(Pictures by courtesy of Mr Kevin Green)