Charles Rowbotham (1901-1911)

Charles Rowbotham son of Edwin Rowbotham watchmaker of Bolton, was listed as a Drapers Assistant in the 1901 census, until his fathers death in 1910.

At that time and in the probate he was listed as a Watchmaker, as he administered his fathers estate, and hence he followed the trade of his father and brother Edwin Rowbotham.

Charles aged 22 emigrated to Australia on 27th May 1910 after his fathers death, presumably following his brother, he travelled on the Orient Line on the Orsova. he travelled with siblings Nessie and Lewis.

In 1910 he became a justice of the peace in Brisbane, and intended to establish a shop in Charleville.

Charles died in Charleville Queensland on 24th July 1911, the same year his bother emigrated to Canada. He was found shot in a boarding house, and it is assumed that he died by suicide.

George Thackery Rowbotham gave evidence at this inquest, later in September it was reported that his brothers especially Edwin objected to the verdict.